Speech Therapy


What is Speech Therapy?


Speech Therapy is used to help treat a wide range of communication disorders and related conditions, including: speech delays, autism, hearing impairments, augmentative communication, voice disorders, sensory integration issues, feeding and swallowing difficulties and a variety of other speech and language problems. Our expert speech therapists are certified in the evaluation and treatment of such disorders in an individualized plan of treatment through pediatric speech therapy.




How Can Circle of Care Help?


At Circle of Care our speech therapists values are evident in every aspect of our service. We have a strong community involvement. Our team of professional speech pathologists are compassionate and caring, while maintaining the highest levels of knowledge and expertise in speech pathology. Our team offers a diverse range of skills, we are highly dedicated and we are fully conversant in both English and Spanish. When a child suffers with a developmental delay in speech, it can often be treated effectively in isolation; however there are circumstances where a child’s delay in speech is part of a wider and more complex developmental delay. At Circle of Care we have expertise in diagnosing and working with all types of developmental conditions and we can therefore ensure that your child is receiving the most appropriate speech therapy treatment for them.




Circle of Care offers a Pediatric Home Health Service, this means our traveling speech therapists will visit you in your home. Our highly trained team of professionals provide Speech Pathology services in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, El Paso and surrounding areas. We offer speech therapy evaluations as well as treatments and our team includes fully trained Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists. We accept a range of insurances including Medicaid, for more information on this visit our Insurance section.



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