In-Home Pediatric Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy in Laredo, TX

Circle of Care provides in-home pediatric speech, physical, and occupational therapy services for children in Laredo, TX. We develop personalized and proven treatment plans using modern techniques for the treatment of a variety of conditions such as autism, developmental delays, and more. Our team is committed to delivering high quality care perfectly aligned with your child’s specific needs that helps them reach their maximum potential.

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In-Home Pediatric Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy in Laredo, TX In-Home Pediatric Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy in Laredo, TX

About Our In-Home Pediatric Therapy in Laredo

Our pediatric therapy services are provided in the comfort of your home or at your child’s daycare. The home environment provides a familiar setting to utilize personal items that benefit your child’s progress, as well as help parents to become familiar with the therapeutic exercises that will aide their child’s development. Sessions are conducted by licensed credentialed therapists qualified in their specific field.

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Our Pediatric Therapy Services

Our Pediatric Therapy Services

Circle of Care offers pediatric therapy services for children in Laredo, TX with each patient at the center of our Care Circle. We collaborate with parents and related providers consistently, so your child receives the comprehensive care they need for the best outcomes in the areas of speechphysical, and occupational therapy. Progress is continuous, and we are here to provide each child with all the tools and skills needed to grow and flourish.


Speech Therapy in Laredo

Our pediatric speech therapy for children in Laredo, TX helps patients struggling with a variety of communication, speech, and cognitive conditions. Speech therapy also focuses on improving the use of oral muscles, as well as addressing developmental delays caused by autism, hearing impairments, apraxia, and other disorders. Our experienced speech-language pathologists use a combination of techniques and engaging activities to provide your child the most appropriate treatment for their diagnosis.

Physical Therapy in Laredo

Our pediatric physical therapy in Laredo, TX helps children develop or improve general motor skills, improve balance, increase muscle strength, movement, and flexibility. Our team of board certified licensed physical therapists use a mix of strengthening exercises and age-appropriate activities to help achieve their optimal physical capabilities.

Occupational Therapy in Laredo

Our occupational therapy in Laredo, TX helps patients with various developmental delays or other challenges improve their ability to independently perform daily tasks. This might include fine and grow motor skills, development of self-care skills, or more depending on your child’s unique medical needs. Our compassionate occupational therapists will engage your child in activities that will enhance their self-esteem and sense of independence.

We accept most insurances, including traditional Medicaid and CHIP as well as commercial health insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pediatric therapy covered by insurance?

Pediatric speech, physical, and occupational therapy are generally covered by most insurance plans A referral from your child’s primary care physician is required to gain access to these benefits. Circle of Care is in-network with most private health insurance providers as well as Medicaid plans. Coverage is specific to each individual policy, and our team is happy to verify the coverage on your insurance plan.

What are the benefits of in-home pediatric therapy?

While the most appropriate setting for services will be determined by your child’s specific needs and medical necessity, there are many advantages of in-home pediatric therapy. First, in-home therapy allows a therapist to assess the child in their natural environment and treat them in the setting in which they’ll use the new skills most often. In-home pediatric therapy services can be convenient for parents as you don’t have to drive to a clinic location. Finally, in-home services are great for patients who have a condition that creates challenges when around large groups or have sensory processing issues.

Do you diagnose conditions in children and adolescents?

Circle of Care does not diagnose medical conditions related to our provided services. A diagnosis is provided by your child’s primary care physician (pediatrician or family physician). While we don’t diagnose, we do evaluate your child to determine if therapy is required and create a plan of care specific to their individual needs.

What makes Circle of Care different?

Circle of Care is dedicated to providing the highest level of clinical care and service to our patients and families. We pride ourselves on continued progress through personalized and proven methods of treatment. Our collaborative, comprehensive approach to care ensures the best possible outcome for your child.

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