Pediatric Occupational Therapy

At Circle of Care, our in-home pediatric occupational therapy services are designed to meet the individual needs of children and adolescents. We understand that every child is unique, and we tailor our services to each child's strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Our therapists work closely with you and your child to set goals and build a treatment plan that will help your child reach their full potential.

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Circle of Care has offered wonderful services to my daughter. Her OT has been consist and patiently working with my daughter for almost a year. We have seen tremendous progress, and my daughter looks forward to seeing her every week!

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What is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric occupational therapy is a type of therapy that helps children with developmental delays, sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and other conditions improve their ability to perform daily activities. Occupational therapists work with children to help them develop the skills they need to be successful in school and in life.

What Does a Pediatric Occupational Therapist Do?

Occupational therapy for kids uses a variety of techniques to help children develop the skills they need to perform everyday activities. Occupational therapists can help your child improve his or her fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and sensory processing. Typically occupational therapists are focused on treating the upper body. In order to develop the appropriate treatment plan pediatric occupational therapists assess occupations and activities. Occupations are the activities that interest your child such as being a soccer player, and activities are the actions performed in daily life like getting dressed.

What Happens in Occupational Therapy?

During a typical occupational therapy session, your child will participate in activities that are designed to help him or her develop the skills needed to perform everyday tasks. These activities may include playing with toys, working on puzzles, a relay race, or engaging in other sensory-based activities.

Your child’s therapist will work closely with you to ensure that the activities are developmentally appropriate and tailored to your child’s unique needs. Our in-home occupational therapy sessions usually occur one to two times per week and will continue with a recommended frequency as your child progresses.

Young girl playing with toys in her room with her occupational therapist
Young boy sitting a table with activities and games next to his occupational therapist

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Goals

Pediatric occupational therapy goals vary depending on the child’s age, needs, and condition. However, common goal areas include:

  • Daily living skills, such as feeding, dressing, bathing, and grooming
  • Leisure activities, such as playing sports and walking
  • Play skills, such as problem-solving, executive functioning, and sequencing
  • Social participation and cooperation
  • Health management
  • Education
  • Sleep and rest

Benefits of Occupational Therapy for Children

There are many benefits of occupational therapy for babies and children. Some of the most common benefits include improved fine or gross motor skill development, improved sensory processing, increased independence, ability to perform daily activities, improved social skills, and reduced anxiety.

Conditions We Treat With Occupational Therapy

There are many common conditions that can be treated by occupational therapy. Some of the most common conditions include:

Young girl sitting on the floor with building blocks with her occupational therapist

Why Choose In-Home Occupational Therapy Services?

There are many reasons to choose in-home occupational therapy services. In-home occupational therapy for kids can be more convenient for families, as it eliminates the need to travel to and from therapy appointments. Additionally, in-home occupational therapy allows therapists to get a better understanding of the home environment and how it may be impacting the child’s development. It allows the child the opportunity to learn new skills in an environment they’re comfortable in and where they’ll use their new skills often.

In-Home Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Texas

If you are looking for in-home pediatric occupational therapy in Texas, our team at Circle of Care can help. Our therapists are experienced in working with children of all ages and with a variety of conditions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or learn more about how we can help your child reach his or her developmental milestones.

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The office was easy to work with and quickly got us set up with services. I absolutely recommend using Circle of Care!

Mother of a Child Receiving Occupational & Physical Therapy
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It was really scary, but when I saw my son roll over for the first time, I realized everything was going to be okay, thanks to excellent care he was getting from Circle of Care.

Mother of a Child Receiving Occupational & Speech Therapy

Pediatric Occupational Therapy FAQs

Does insurance cover pediatric occupational therapy covered by insurance?

In most cases, you will need a referral from your child's doctor for occupational therapy as occupational therapy is only covered by insurance if deemed medically necessary. The level of coverage also depends on your insurance plan. Circle of Care is in-network with most major private insurance companies and we accept Medicaid.

When should my child begin occupational therapy?

The answer to this question will vary depending on your child's condition. It is generally recommended that children begin occupational therapy as soon as possible after being diagnosed with a condition that could benefit from this type of therapy. If you’re not sure, speak with your child’s pediatrician.

What types of challenges do you address?

We treat a variety of challenges and conditions to impact a child’s speech, language, communication, and overall independence in everyday life. While our treatment plans are individualized to each child and their unique needs, common goals might include handwriting, dressing, feeding, grooming, and much more.

Does my child need occupational therapy for kids?

If your child is having difficulty with daily activities, such as dressing, eating, or bathing, he or she may benefit from occupational therapy. Additionally, if your child is having difficulty in school or with social skills, occupational therapy can help. A child may also need occupational therapy if he or she has a chronic medical condition or disability.