Pediatric Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy in San Antonio, TX

Circle of Care provides center-based and in-home pediatric speech, physical and occupational therapy services for children and adolescents in San Antonio, TX. We develop individualized care plans for the treatment of a variety of conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, speech delay, and much more. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality care that helps your child reach their full potential.

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Pediatric Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy in San Antonio, TX Pediatric Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy in San Antonio, TX

About Our San Antonio Services

Our pediatric therapy services take place in both our San Antonio clinic, C of C Pediatrics, and at home. Our clinic contains all the equipment and learning materials necessary to help your child progress and remain engaged during their session. If you are utilizing our in-home services, no need to buy new materials as we will bring the necessary equipment to you.

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Our Pediatric Therapy Services

Our Pediatric Therapy Services

Circle of Care offers pediatric therapy services in San Antonio, TX for children and teenagers. We provide one-on-one care so your child gets the attention they need to reach their goals. We collaborate with parents, pediatricians, and related providers to ensure your child’s individual needs and developmental milestones are being met in the areas of speechphysical, and occupational therapy.


Speech Therapy in San Antonio

Our pediatric speech therapy in San Antonio, TX helps children struggling with communication, speech, and feeding-related disorders. Our certified speech-language pathologists utilize a variety of techniques, activities, and games to treat your child’s specific areas for improvement.

Physical Therapy in San Antonio

Our pediatric physical therapy in San Antonio, TX helps children improve movement, gross motor skills, balance, and flexibility. Our certified physical therapists utilize a variety of strengthening exercises and equipment so your child can move their body to the best of their abilities.

Occupational Therapy in San Antonio

Our occupational therapy in San Antonio, TX helps children improve their independence and ability to perform daily tasks. Our certified occupational therapists utilize play-based and engaging activities to treat a variety of conditions from neurodevelopmental disorders to sensory processing disorders.

We accept most insurances, including traditional Medicaid and CHIP as well as commercial health insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pediatric therapy covered by insurance?

Pediatric speech, physical, and occupational therapy are covered by most insurance plans. Circle of Care is in-network with a majority of private insurance companies and we also accept Medicaid plans. In order to get started, you will need a referral from your child’s primary care physician.

What are the benefits of in-home pediatric therapy?

There are many benefits of utilizing in-home pediatric therapy services. In-home therapy is convenient as you don’t have to worry about driving to a clinic. It also allows patients to learn new skills in their natural environment, where the skills will be used on a daily basis. Lastly, in-home pediatric therapy is great for children who may have sensory sensitivities to large groups or noisy environments.

Do you diagnose conditions in children and adolescents?

Circle of Care does not diagnose any conditions related to the services we provide. Typically, diagnoses should be acquired from your child’s primary care physician. While we cannot diagnose, we do evaluate patients prior to beginning sessions so we can develop a treatment plan catered to their specific needs. Additionally, our San Antonio clinic is located in a shared space with our sister company, Empower Behavioral Health, which provides diagnostic evaluations for autism, ADHD, and more.

What makes Circle of Care different?

Circle of Care is dedicated to exceptional service and we pride ourselves in helping our patients make meaningful progress. We collaborate with parents and pediatricians to ensure we are growing with your child, and we focus on meeting their needs at all stages of development. We know pediatric therapy may not be on the top of the list for your child’s favorite activities which is why we develop treatment plans that keep them engaged throughout sessions.

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