In- Home Pediatric Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy in El Paso, TX

Circle of Care offers in-home pediatric speech, physical, and occupational therapy services for children and adolescents in El Paso, TX. Our individualized treatment plans utilize effective techniques for the treatment and management of various pediatric conditions. Our committed team delivers high quality care that helps your child reach their full potential.

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In- Home Pediatric Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy in El Paso, TX In- Home Pediatric Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy in El Paso, TX

About Our In-Home Pediatric Therapy in El Paso

Circle of Care’s pediatric therapy services take place in your home, creating a comfortable environment for your child to complete sessions. We will provide all the necessary equipment for treatment as well as use your personal items that may aid in your child’s progress. Sessions are facilitated by a certified therapist or assistant.

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Our Pediatric Therapy Services

Our Pediatric Therapy Services

We provide pediatric therapy services in El Paso, TX for infants all the way up to twenty years old. Our one-on-one treatment model ensures your child receives the attention needed to succeed. We consistently collaborate with parents, physicians, and other providers so your child’s primary needs and developmental milestones are met.


Speech Therapy

Our pediatric speech therapy in El Paso, TX helps children experiencing difficulties with communication, speech, and feeding. Our certified speech therapists use a variety of techniques, activities, and games to treat your child’s condition.

Physical Therapy

Our pediatric physical therapy in El Paso, TX helps children improve overall motor function, flexibility, balance, coordination, and movement in their everyday lives. Our team of physical therapists will use a combination of strengthening exercises and equipment to help your child achieve independence.

Occupational Therapy

Our pediatric occupational therapy in El Paso, TX helps patients improve their ability to perform age-appropriate daily tasks independently. Our certified occupational therapists use play and a variety of other activities to provide an engaging therapy environment and effectively treat your child’s condition.

We accept most insurances, including traditional Medicaid and CHIP as well as commercial health insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pediatric therapy covered by insurance?

Pediatric speech, physical, and occupational therapy are covered by many insurance plans.. Referrals from your child’s pediatrician are typically required to access these benefits. Circle of Care is in-network with Medicaid as well as most private health insurance plans.

What are the benefits of in-home pediatric therapy?

The benefits of in-home pediatric therapy are plentiful. In-home pediatric therapy services save you time, as you don’t have to drive to a clinic. They also allow children to develop new skills in their natural environment where they will often be used. Lastly, in-home sessions are perfect for children who may prefer a quieter environment or have sensory processing issues.

Do you diagnose conditions in children and adolescents?

Circle of Care does not provide the diagnosis of pediatric conditions related to our service offerings. The diagnosis will need to come from your child’s physician or specialist provider. While we don’t provide the diagnosis itself, we do evaluate our patients prior to beginning sessions to ensure our treatment plans align with their needs. If you are in need of a comprehensive evaluation for autism or other developmental concerns, contact our sister company, Empower Behavioral Health.,

What makes Circle of Care different?

Circle of Care is devoted to providing high quality care. We pride ourselves in our ability to yield socially significant results for our patients. We value teamwork and collaborate with parents and related providers to meet the needs of your child in all stages of their journey. We develop treatment plans and activities that keep children engaged throughout the entirety of their sessions. This helps patients progress more efficiently and effectively.

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