In-Home Pediatric Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy in Waco, TX

Circle of Care provides in-home pediatric speech, physical, and occupational therapy services for children and teens in Waco, TX. Our personalized treatment plans utilize modern techniques for the management and treatment of various conditions such as cerebral palsy, apraxia and more. Our team is dedicated to delivering a high quality experience that helps your child reach their maximum potential.

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In-Home Pediatric Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy in Waco, TX In-Home Pediatric Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy in Waco, TX

About Our In-Home Pediatric Therapy in Waco

Circle of Care’s pediatric therapy service offerings take place in the comfort of your home. We provide all of the necessary equipment to complete sessions, as well as use your personal items that your child enjoys or may assist in your child’s development. Sessions are conducted by a certified therapist or certified assistant.

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Our Pediatric Therapy Services

Our Pediatric Therapy Services

Our pediatric therapy services in Waco, TX are available for children and adolescents. Through our one-on-one treatment, your child will receive the attention they need to succeed. We work as a team with parents, caregivers, physicians, and related service providers to ensure our patients’ needs and milestones are being met in the areas of speech, physical, and occupational therapy.


Speech Therapy in Waco

Our pediatric speech therapy in Waco, TX helps patients struggling with communication, speech, and swallowing disorders. Our experienced speech therapists will use a variety of techniques, activities, and games to improve your child’s speech and language skills.

Physical Therapy in Waco

Our pediatric physical therapy in Waco, TX helps patients improve their ability to physically navigate their everyday lives. This might include working on motor function, movement, balance and coordination, flexibility, and much more.

Occupational Therapy in Waco

Our occupational therapy in Waco, TX helps children and teenagers increase independence and perform necessary daily tasks on their own. Our team of occupational therapists utilize a variety of techniques to help your child develop fine motor, emotional, physical and social skills.

We accept most insurances, including traditional Medicaid and CHIP as well as commercial health insurance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is pediatric therapy covered by insurance?

Pediatric speech, physical, and occupational therapy are covered by most private insurance and Medicaid plans in Texas. A referral from your child’s pediatrician is usually required to access this coverage. Circle of Care is in-network with most private insurance plans as well as Medicaid.

What are the benefits of in-home pediatric therapy?

There are many benefits of in-home pediatric therapy to consider. In-home pediatric therapy saves you time as you don’t have to drive to an in-person clinic. The in-home setting also helps children develop new skills in the place where they’ll use them most often, their natural environment. Lastly, in-home sessions are helpful for children who may be shy, easily distracted, or with sensory processing challenges. Providing pediatric therapy where the child is most comfortable can help ease anxiety and minimize distractions.

Do you diagnose conditions in children and adolescents?

Circle of Care does not diagnose pediatric conditions related to our therapy services. Most pediatric diagnoses come from the primary care physician. While we don’t diagnose, we do evaluate your child prior to starting sessions to ensure our treatment aligns with your child’s needs. If you are in need of a comprehensive evaluation for autism or other developmental concerns, contact our sister company, Empower Behavioral Health.

What makes Circle of Care different?

Circle of Care is dedicated to providing high quality care. Our team prides ourselves in our ability to help our patients reach their goals and developmental milestones.. We value collaboration with parents and physicians so we can meet the needs of your child in all stages of their life. We strive to create a nurturing and engaging environment for therapy where our patients can learn and thrive.

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