The very best pediatric therapy and treatment for your child

Circle of Care provides pediatric therapy services for children from birth through age twenty in Texas. Our compassionate therapists provide individualized services that ensure the most effective treatment for your child.


We accept most insurances, including traditional Medicaid and CHIP as well as commercial health insurance plans.

Our Services

We specialize in clinic-based and in-home pediatric therapy services

We are Circle of Care

Circle of Care is dedicated to providing the very best treatment possible for your child; whether it’s speech, occupational, or physical therapy. Therapy sessions are administered by licensed and compassionate therapists who create a personalized plan of care according to each child’s medical needs. We have been helping children grow and thrive since 2007. We are one of the largest therapy providers in the state of Texas, and we've built an excellent reputation based on results and unyielding personal care.

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It was really scary, but when I saw my son roll over for the first time, I realized everything was going to be okay, thanks to excellent care he was getting from Circle of Care.
They are my Heroes!

Mother of Two Children Receiving Occupational & Speech Therapy

We have seen tremendous progress, and my daughter looks forward to seeing her therapist every week. Her speech therapist has been very patient, creative, and consistent in helping to meet my daughter's speech needs. All of the staff we encounter are incredibly friendly.

Mother of A Child Receiving Speech Therapy