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At Circle of Care we strongly believe in identifying and delivering exactly the right therapy for each and every child we work with.


By placing a priority on maintaining the most current skills and knowledge we ensure that both our assessment and subsequent treatment are perfectly aligned with your child’s needs.

Our Circle of Care therapists are licensed and qualified in their specific fields including Speech Language Pathology, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. As part of our treatment plan our therapists provide in-home therapy services so your child may be treated in a familiar and comfortable environment.


The home environment is also conducive to helping parents to become familiar with the therapeutic exercises that will aide their child’s development.

We offer a full range of Pediatric Therapies

Speech Therapy focusing on improving communication skills and the use of oral muscles, Speech Therapy is used to help address development delays caused by autism, hearing impairments, apraxia and a wide variety of other speech, voice and language problems and in addition includes Feeding Therapies for treating conditions relating to both feeding and swallowing.

Occupational Therapy – this therapy often focuses on fine motor skills, like those required for picking up and handling small objects, writing and drawing pictures. The benefits of Occupational Therapy are wide ranging, helping to address developmental delays caused by physical disability, autism and sensory disorders.


Physical Therapy – this type of therapy is used to develop general motor skills, improve balance and increase muscle strength and flexibility. Physical Therapy can greatly assist children with sitting, walking and crawling and will often form a key part of a rehabilitative development program.


Pediatric Nursing Services are also provided for ventilator dependence, severe neuro ortho impairments, education and training on disease processes, seizures, autism, GI impairments (feeding tubes for example), cardiopulmonary complications and asthma disease process training.


We are trained and equipped in VitalStim Therapy for treating difficulties with swallowing or dysphagia. This very current and effective treatment program combines the benefits of electrical stimulation and targeted exercise.



Organizations We

Work With include:


• American Occupational Therapy

• Respite Care of San Antonio

• Morgans Wonderland

• Any Baby Can

• Autism Online

• Kidspeech Foundation


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