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On November 1st, Texas lawmakers will begin a cost-cutting state program that will threaten the lives of medically-fragile and disabled children across Texas, forcing families to start from scratch in the fight for the services they need. As parents lose their abilities to choose their own dependable providers, families will instead be forced the use the limited list of providers allowed by Health Maintenance Organizations.


These for-profit HMO companies have been authorized by Texas lawmakers to deny treatment to fragile children and limit care to specific regions of the state. The limited list of providers and coverage areas will be felt by all families as the fight begins to find agencies and providers that have room for the thousands of displaced patients. Treatment delays and growing wait lists means no one is safe from the impact of the drastic cuts and the effects are life-threatening and merciless.


Save Our Children. Contact EVERYONE!


Email the Texas Ombudsman right now with YOUR story!

The Ombudsman is responsible for investigating this violation of patient rights. We need their help to overturn this decision. By emailing the Texas Ombudsman they can learn your story and the stories of so many others that these medicaid cuts are effecting.


My family is at risk for a potential

crisis of care.

Continue the fight by emailing your District Representative. The more we contact the greater our fight!

A sample letter is available below.


• Select and copy the letter below.

• Once you arrive at the contact form for your representative, you can paste in the sample letter and customize it with your personal story.

• Right Click on the mouse and select Paste to paste in the letter.

My family is at risk for a potential crisis of care.   My child is ______years old and has ________________(diagnosis), with every day bringing new challenges.


On November 1st, a cost-cutting state program will force thousands of families to abandon their medical specialists and start from scratch with providers selected not by parents, but by Health Maintenance Organizations.


These HMO's are for-profit companies who've been authorized by Texas lawmakers to both deny treatment and limit these fragile kids to medical care within very specific regions of the state.  Angry families of fragile kids are calling the new restrictions a Texas version of Obamacare.


We are going to lose children. Kids are going to die and I am asking you, to be the voice for my child.


1. Click FIND YOUR REP below. This will open in a new window.


2. Enter your complete address and choose “District Type: HOUSE”. Click Submit.













3. You will be directed to a list of district representatives. There will be a link to the Representative’s contact page.


















4. Once on the Representatives page, all contact information is provided. Click EMAIL submit your complaint online.



















5. Complete the contact form with your contact information and Right-Click + Paste the sample letter.



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