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Developmental delay in children is increasing in prevalence. At Circle of Care we are committed to providing support, guidance and expertise in evaluating and treating the variety of conditions that represent the causes.

All children achieve developmental milestones at different times. Identifying developmental delay and subsequently diagnosing developmental disorders is a complex task requiring specialist training, expertise and experience. Every child will develop at his or her own pace and developmental milestones should act only as a very general guide, but they do serve to help parents who perceive that their child may be challenged by a developmental delay. Developmental milestones encompass emotional, social, physical and linguistic factors ranging from facial recognition, gross and fine motor control, feeding frequency and the ability to express emotional states.


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Anxiety is a natural part of parenthood and when a child appears to be experiencing developmental delay in any of the key areas, this is naturally a source of worry and concern. When a delay in development occurs that is significantly adrift from the perceived norm, then seeking professional advice, guidance and support will often help allay any concerns, and, should there be a developmental issue then getting the right treatment and support at the right time can be crucial.


Being aware of the milestones and the likely ranges of timescales in which children are expected to attain these abilities is a key skill in monitoring and evaluating a child’s progress through the vital early years.


If you are concerned about your child’s developmental progress then we can arrange an evaluation with one of our trained and qualified team members.




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